The secret code word is...

Congratulations on earning your fourth connection coin,
a testament to your valor and dedication.

Upon this digital parchment, your final challenge of today awaits,
promising not just another coin, but a grand celebration of your shared journey so far.

Fear not,
for you're right on track.

And now, dear friends, let me share the next step of the secret path that lies ahead.

When the sun had graced the sky tomorrow, when you and your beloved reunite,
whisper the magical word "timmoc" to the friendly chatbot residing below this page.

(Basically, come back to tomorrow and TYPE "timmoc" into the FB Messenger chatbot
and your assignment will be revealed)

Ah, the power of words!

With this enchanted command, the gates to tomorrow's adventures will swing wide open.

It's a simple incantation, yet it carries the weight of your commitment and love.

So, arm in arm, do venture forth.

The road ahead is adorned with laughter, sprinkled with joy, and illuminated by the radiant glow of your love.

Onward, to the next chapter of your shared tale!