Welcome to Assignment 0

Deep in the Mystical Forest

In a lively, enchanted forest, where the nighttime critters whispered secrets under the starry skies and the ancient trees seemed to share their wisdom, there lived two remarkable souls.

But these two weren't like the prideful Narcissus, who was fixated on his own reflection.
No, these kindred spirits looked beyond themselves and
found something extraordinary - each other.

Within the heart of this enchanted realm,
they discovered a love that seemed to be spun by destiny itself.

Their encounter was nothing short of magical,
a reflection of their shared dreams and desires,
much like the roots of fate weaving a beautiful tapestry.

As their love story unfolded, they made a heartfelt promise.

It was an agreement that they knew would draw them even closer
and lead them on a path to greater happiness.

They decided that tomorrow,
they would devote a sacred ten minutes to each other.

During these moments, they shared laughter, explored exciting activities,
and discussed their adventures.

It was as though they had stumbled upon a hidden path in this enchanted forest,
a path leading to even more joy and togetherness.

And so, their whimsical journey began,
akin to stepping into the pages of a beloved magical storybook,
not knowing what wondrous adventures lay ahead.

Their love story was filled with enchantment and wonder,
and each day brought new spells of happiness.

The forest, their mystical haven,
became a backdrop to their growing love and togetherness,
a place where the echoes of their laughter and whispered secrets danced through the trees.

Please read the following text out loud:

You commit to + choose a time to come together tomorrow for
10 minutes of dedicated together time.

This assignment is finished when: