In the midst of life's ceaseless demands, WonderWife and HeroHusband often find themselves slowly drifting apart.

But you, dear soul, stand apart from the crowd, for you've made a conscious choice to draw nearer once more. And draw nearer you shall.

"Now," you might wonder, "what steps shall we take when we unite?"

The answer, though straightforward in its essence, carries profound significance:


One path toward this connection involves posing one or both of two queries:

"How was your day?"

"How are you?"

As you gaze into the eyes of your beloved,

The route ahead becomes clear.

Yet what distinguishes those who merely exist from those who truly live is this:

It's not about you in this moment;
it's about making room for your spouse.

Think of it as a gentle reminder of why you possess two ears but only one mouth.

When you are done reading this together outloud, take turns asking one another these two questions above and should the impulse to speak arise, pause for a count to ten, twenty, or even thirty, affording your cherished one ample space to express their thoughts.

Then, with the utmost care, inquire:


How did it make you feel?

Did it bring you joy?

Craft your words to harmonize with the shared mood and message.

When in doubt, take a pause and summarize what you believe you've heard, seeking confirmation, and inquiring if your grasp is true.

Regardless of the words your beloved might impart, never, under any circumstance, employ them against them, for it would signify the gravest betrayal, sufficient to jeopardize all you hold dear.

Prevent it from reaching that point.

It is not why we have gathered here, quite the contrary.

Through the act of earnest dialogue, you shall amass two tokens.

The ultimate test:
how long can you go without interrupting each other?

(Perhaps, make a game of this and set the timer to see who can go the longest without doing so!)

Read out loud.

Now, the dearest of tasks lies ahead:
from this day forward, let the two of you come together
at nightfall
and keep the basis of your connection strong.

Pose a simple question,
create a safe space for your beloved one,
and learn to master the art of understanding your beloved one