Connect day 2

On this day your noble quest unfolds in trifles, a triad of steps,

each unveiling the enchanted portals to your sought-after realms.

Haste not, dear challenger for precipitance may cast you astray.

Dally not, but rather, with diligence, fulfill each quest ere seeking passage to the next.

In doing so, you shall be guarded against any unforeseen misfortunes.

After reading this introduction, it's time to reconnect.

If you have already asked you spouse how their day was and how they're doing
- OR you'd rather do something active instead of talking, then:

If you have not yet acquired the habit of daily checking in with each other to connect,
we suggest you stick with the path until you master it.


In the hustle and bustle of life's grand demands,
WonderWife and HeroHusband can easily find themselves
gradually drifting apart.

But you, dear soul, are not like the rest,
for you've chosen to set an intention to draw closer once more.
And draw closer you shall.

"Now," you may wonder, "what do we do when we come together?"

The answer, though simple in form,
holds great significance for those who know:


One path toward this connection
involves asking two questions:

"How was your day?"

"How are you?"

As you lock eyes with your beloved

The path appears to be clear.

But here's what separates those who merely exist
from those who truly live:

It's not about you at this moment;
it's about creating space for your spouse.

Consider this a gentle reminder of why you have
two ears yet only one mouth.

Should you feel the urge to speak,
first count to ten, or perhaps to twenty or thirty,
giving your beloved ample room to unfurl their thoughts.

Then, inquire with care:

"Why? How did it make you feel? Did it bring you joy?"

Tailor your words to the tone and message shared.

When in doubt,
summarize what you believe you've heard and seek confirmation,
asking if your understanding rings true.

By this gracious act,
you shall garner two more connection coins.

And should you refrain from interrupting one another,
a third connection coin shall be added unto you.

Now, the dearest of tasks lies ahead:
from this day forward, let the two of you come together
at nightfall to keep the flames of your connection alive.

Pose a simple question,
provide ample space for your beloved,
and learn to master the art of understanding your spouse.

Please read out loud:

('ll recognize this assignment from Day 1 - YES, you are supposed to repeat it!
That's how you get better at it! Now, stretch that habit muscle and begin!)