Please read out loud.

An extra Connector Coin can be earned if you enact this scene.

In the whirlwind of WonderWife's and HeroHusband's busy lives,
an exciting revelation awaited them.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of their diapery existence,
these two brave adventurers, armed with the delicate guidance
of the Connector Challenge, stuck due to their journey of a lifetime.

One evening,
beneath the soft glow of their screens,
they set out to uncover their unique
Apology Languages.

Think of it like solving ancient riddles, but with a modern twist.
This wisdom wasn't just about saying 'I'm sorry,'
but saying it in a way that our spouse hears.

Their mission was clear:
to learn how each of their hearts preferred to receive apologies.

Because in the grand adventure called love,
it wasn't just about apologizing;
it was about speaking the language of
forgiveness that touched the soul.

So, without further ado,
they dove into this enlightening adventure.

They unlocked the secret codes of their hearts,
crafting a masterpiece of understanding in the modern era.

As they chatted and laughed,
they discovered the hidden gems of
Apology Languages.

With newfound clarity, they held the key to a deeper bond:
a treasure more valuable than anything in the world.

Their journey, a blend of timeless wisdom and contemporary insight,
lit the way through the maze of life's challenges.

With this knowledge, they stood strong,
two hearts as one, ready to face whatever came their way.

A two man army.

What's your Apology Language?

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It's time for the next secret code word.

When you come together with your spouse tomorrow
(for your re-connect time),

type in the word "sorry" inside your FB Messenger
to continue on in the Connector Challenge.

That's for tomorrow...
(so, be sure to write it down or set yourself a timer)

But for today,
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