Connect day 3

Thy present undertaking arrives once more in triune fragments.

As each phase unfolds,
the enchanted gateways to the domains thou dost yearn for shall be unveiled.

Yet, tarry not in undue haste, lest thou falter upon thy gallant pilgrimage.

Proceed with measured steps,
accomplish each quest ere unsealing the next,
and thou shalt find thyself safeguarded from any untoward misadventures.

You probably know what time it is - time to reconnect.

If you have already asked you spouse how their day was or how they're doing
- OR you'd rather do something active in stead of talking, than click here.

If you have not yet acquired the habit of daily checking in with each other to connect,
we suggest you stick with the path until you master it.

In the whirlwind of life's ceaseless demands, our valiant pair,
WonderWife and HeroHusband, sometimes drift apart, as do ships on a vast sea.

Yet, dear friends, your path is unique,
for you've chosen to draw nearer once more, and so you shall.

"Now," you may ponder, "what enchantment shall unite us when we convene?"

The answer, though as simple as a dragon's roar, carries great significance: connection.

To embark upon this noble quest, consider posing one or both of these questions:

"How was your day?"

"How are you?"

As you lock eyes with your cherished one,

The path ahead becomes as clear as a mermaid's song.

But what sets those who truly live apart from mere existence is this:

In this moment, it's not about you; it's about creating space for your beloved.

Think of it as a reminder of why you have two ears but only one mouth.

If the urge to speak beckons,

Take a pause, count to ten, or maybe even twenty or thirty,
giving your beloved ample room to reveal their thoughts.

Then, with a heart full of care, inquire:

"Why? How did it make you feel? Did it bring you joy?"

Let your words mirror the tone and message shared.

When in doubt,

Summarize what you believe you've heard and seek confirmation, asking if your understanding rings true.

Through this gracious act,

You shall earn two points,

And should both refrain from interrupting,

A third point shall be added unto you.

Now, the dearest of tasks awaits:

From this day forth, come together at nightfall to kindle the flames of your connection.

Pose a simple question or two,

Give your beloved ample space,

(it's not about you anyway)

And become masters in the art of understanding each other.