"Love is a choice, not an emotion.
Love is an action not a feeling.
Love is deliberate, not passive.
Love is not something that happens to you.
Love is something you do..."

Hey Do-ers! We like your style. Love, as the quote shares below, takes action. Now, it's time of the two of you to choose one (or more) of the ideas from this list + put it into action. Have fun!

Express Gratitude

  • Small Acts: Take 5 minutes, and go do a small act of kindness for each other in secret. See how long it takes your spouse
    to discover what you did.

Memory Lane

  • First Impressions: Share your first impressions of each other when you first met or started dating. Then, act as the other and pretend to re-do your first date.

Quick Dance Party

  • Genre Swap: Try dancing to one song each of a different music genre tonight, anything from jazz to salsa to rock.

  • Choreographed Fun: Go to Youtube and try to learn and practice a simple dance routine together for added fun.

Joke Time

  • Stand-Up Comedy: Try your hand at creating your own stand-up comedy routines and perform them for each other.

Dream Sharing

  • Fantasy Getaway: Describe your dream vacation in great detail, from the destination to activities. Now, create a vision board together with your ideas down on paper!

  • Ideal Home: Share your vision of an ideal home and what features it would have. Now, ladies, show your men how to create a Pinterest board for this and create one together!

Plan Tomorrow

  • Meal Planning: Plan your meals for the next day, including any special treats or snacks + choose who makes what.

Appreciation Jar

  • Favorite Moments: Write down your favorite moments from the day and add them to the jar.

  • "I Love You" Notes: Write simple "I love you because..." notes and place them in the jar.

Silent Hug

  • Starry Night: Hug under the night sky and take a moment to appreciate the stars.

  • Evening Embrace: End your day with a silent hug, setting a positive tone for the night. Set your phone with a timer for 1 min and see if you can hug without talking.

Gratitude Journal

  • Shared Experiences: Write about shared experiences or moments of connection during the day.

  • Acts of Love: Record acts of love and kindness you observed or practiced.

Bucket List Chat

  • Future Goals: Spend 10 minute and create a Bucket List together - nothing is off limits! Now, talk about the steps you need to take to cross off items from your lists.

Book Club for Two

  • Favorite Quotes: Go to your book shelf and take down a few of each other's favorites. Now, share passages or quotes from the book that resonated with you.

Travel Dreams

  • Wanderlust Wishes: Google your top bucket-list travel destination, make a photo from there the background on your phone or computer and alk about what you'd like to learn or experience during your travels.

Food Adventure

  • Cooking Challenges: Go to Pinterest and pick out a challenging recipe together you want to try this week.