Boom, coin three is in the pocket.

You're both already off to a great start.

You've set off on an incredible journey,
with your heart as your compass.

The challenge has started,
but where it leads, only time can tell.

The path is revealed one assignment at a time.

Each assignment is a key to unlock deeper connection.

So, keep collecting connection coins as you're growing closer.

As you take your first steps,
remember that the 'real' challenge doesn't end in three days.

This real quest you're on is as boundless as your love story.

Embrace the adventure and enjoy the journey.

We're here to support you every step of the way.

Spanning the next three days,
your mission is to gather as many coins as you can:
connection currency.

Daily assignments await, some for you alone, others for shared endeavors.
Be prepared for action and heart-to-heart conversations.

Once you conquer all assignments,
you unlock the next level of the challenge,
taking your marriage to deeper connections.

The challenge continues by checking your email inbox;
brace yourselves for the rewarding road ahead.

The challenge demands 15 minutes day,
making this investment worth its weight in gold in the grandest tapestry of life:
your marriage.

Venture forth; treasures await.

As you venture into this life-altering challenge,
remember that the real journey of your relationship is lifelong.
The challenge starts here, but where it ends, no one knows.

Embrace this adventure where rewards are hidden in the depths.

Believe in yourselves, for we're here to support you every step of the way on this voyage of the heart.

Let the path further unfold & earn coin 4 by opening the mail we just sent you.

We sent it to you both, but you do not need to open them both. One willl do.