Because there's lives at stake

Meet Kim and Cheyanne Cleyman:
Your Guides to Deeper Connection

In the enchanting setting of a Dutch castle,
destiny wove a love story that would become
the foundation of our journey.

A late summer September weekend,
a friend's wedding, and beneath the starlit sky,
we danced, and sparks ignited.

After a simple lunch date,
fate's hand became evident.

Cheyanne had to return to the States,
but Kim, always the gentleman, bid her
farewell at the Belgian train station.

And so began our remarkable love story.

Modern technology bridged the distance, deepening our connection each day.

In just three months, we stood at the altar, proclaiming our love.

The journey continued when Cheyanne moved to Belgium, joining Kim and his daughter.

Soon, their family welcomed a son, and today, they cherish life under the Florida sun, along with their second son.

Having experienced the challenges of family breakups, we started by helping blended families find connection.

Our focus then shifted to nurturing the core of it all: connection within nuclear families.

Our mission is to guide couples into the depths of connection, fostering strong and healthy marriages to set an enduring love example for their children.

We see marriage as a gateway to becoming the best versions of ourselves.

It's a journey we're passionate about.

Yet, we've witnessed marriage's misunderstandings and undervaluations.

Love gets lost, hearts grow disheartened, and the essence of love dims.

We're here to rewrite that story, to remind you that love is all-encompassing and that there's hope for every marriage.

Join us on this heartwarming adventure.

We'll unravel the secrets to lasting connection, nurture flourishing relationships, and celebrate the profound beauty of love.

As you explore, remember, we're not just guides;
we're fellow travelers on this love journey,
eager to share our knowledge, experiences,
and our unshakeable belief in love's power.

we'll discover that a thriving marriage isn't just attainable,
it's also a source of wonder and joy.